Welcome to the one program you need to handle all of the day-to-day in your office so that every patient gets the same premium experience.

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You want to see patients and then go home. This program was developed to help you do that!

Grow your practice in three specific ways with a low-cost program that never stops working.


Fully automated, always-on system to attract, convert, and close new patients so that they actually show up.

No more phone tag.

No more wasting valuable time tracking people down.


patients hooked and booked by the Automation Station (and we're just getting started!)


Easy, seamless testimonial video and online review generation captures your patients’ stories and turns them into powerful marketing tools.

Stop the awkward begging and the hoping for a 5 star review out of the blue. Let the Automation Station do the work.


reviews, on average, for a practice using the Automation Station


Universal inbox keeps you from missing a single message by combining phone, email, text, Facebook, Google, and website chats into one place.

The Universal Inbox combines all of the ways that someone can reach out to you so that you never miss an opportunity. This includes:


  • SMS & Phone
  • Website Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google "Message My Business" Tool


hours a month saved by automating message follow-up

Paid for itself in 2 weeks

We DOUBLED our new patients coming into the office in the first two weeks. By having an automated system that did everything for us, we started booking more patients who would leave messages and never get back in touch.

Dr. John, San Diego

Head of Practice

What a difference!!!

I have gone from thinking that we had a good front desk operation to knowing that we're doing everything as best as possible thanks to Joe and his Evergreen Automation. We get more time with our patients and our new patient growth is real!

Shira, Ontario

Office Manager

Amazing Support

I love being able to ask Joe questions and get real, direct answers. He knows how my practice operates and that saves us so much time! I couldn't ask for a better partner in helping me streamline what we're doing for our community.

Dr. Frank, Tampa

Head of Practice

What's Inside the Automation Station?

All of the Tools You Need in One Place

Finally, you can manage everything that has to do with marketing your business with one username and password! Every tool in the Automation Station works together to give you a powerful program that is always working to improve your business.

Automated Patient Capture

Ditch the contact forms! We will make it easy to get more information from leads and get them ready to come in for an appointment without you getting involved.

Master Messenger

Find patients wherever they are and respond to them from ONE tool. Instantly expand your reach to website chat, Facebook, Google, and so much more.

Referral Marketing on Overdrive

Capture Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, and Video Testimonials so that you can turn them into powerful marketing tools to bring in more clients!

Business Scorecard

Know where your leads are coming from (and how many become clients!) and do something about it. Make it easy to hold marketers accountable to the results they promise you!

Social Media Management

Find good content and then schedule it to be posted to your social media accounts when your followers will actually engage! Load in weeks of content and get back to work!

NEW! Mobile App for Your Phone

Stay connected with leads and clients even when you aren't in the office. Get instant notices, send review requests, book appointments, and more!

Ridiculously Simple Pricing



or $990/year (two months free!)

Universal Inbox: collect all messages from all places in one easy-to-use mailbox

Website Chat That Works with Any Website

Two-Way Email & SMS Text Messaging

(with pay-as-you-go pricing!)



or $2,970/year (two months free!)

Everything in Starter PLUS:

Unlimited Team Members

Automated Appointment Setting

Works with Any Lead Generating Service

Website Builder and Manager

Advertising Funnel Builder and Manager

Mobile App to Manage Everything

24/7 Business Scorecard to Show Your Marketing ROI

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Who's Behind the Scenes?

Joe Elias

Founder, The Evergreen Automation Station

Hi, my name is Joe.

I know more about your practice than just about anyone else because I have been obsessed with helping small healthcare offices run smoothly for YEARS.

It is my job to see where things could be better and then find innovative, elegant ways to fix them.

My business is your business, so join me as I show you a new way to grow your business without big bills, big risks, or big time wasters.

Have Questions?

Send me a direct message here and I will text you back very quickly!

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